Big Game Player 11: Peter McKenna

Peter McKenna_square_2015-07-30 13.55.53As a Collingwood full-forward who kicked buckets of goals, Peter McKenna was the most popular player of his era. He kicked huge tons, he won a Copeland Trophy, he was one of the original hosts on Hey, Hey, It’s Saturday. But there were also huge disappointments amid the colour of his black and white tale.


One thought on “Big Game Player 11: Peter McKenna

  1. Thanks for this wonderful interview with my sporting idol, Peter McKenna. Although I’ve heard & read about many of these stories over the years, this one hour chat was still so insightful – to hear the emotion & raw honesty in Pete’s voice regarding the tragedies in his family, being dropped for that 1973 Prelim (I still can’t forgive Rene Kink for being selected!!!), losing the 1970 GF & that sense of love & loyalty he still has towards the Collingwood family, was moving & makes me appreciate him even more. What a true champion & hero. Thanks again.


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