4 thoughts on “Country Footy Show 15: Jaye Macumber (Minyip-Murtoa)

  1. Thanks Daff – love your work.

    Clarification- Horsham haven’t dominated for 20 years.

    Burras won Premiership 20,19,18 years ago. However, I concede the bastards have been the dominant side in the state for 12 years.

    Happen to chat with you about the rationale for Horsham’s dominance!

    The Burras are the real deal this year, I’ve watched two games this year games v Horsham Saints and Stawell.

    Clinton Young is a ripper, but those Delahunty boys are worth their weight in gold, plus their assistant Chamberlain is a tough, hard doer with genuine skill.

    Thanks for all you do to celebrate the poetry of footy.




  2. Don’t interview Andy Delahunty, despite him being a great bloke.

    His cousin David “Donk” Delahunty is a club and league legend and very, very funny. One of the best people I’ve meet in football. 8 club BnFs, former coach, runner, president, and all-round good guy. Dirty and skilled on the field, always the first to give you a beer afterwards.

    His nephew in young Lynch at Gold Coast.

    Interview Donk.


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